When I started Viscerah Studio, I made it a priority to create more content simply for people to enjoy. Creating music videos and working with artists is an extremely natural process for us, and we’ve been doing it since we’ve started in this business. The format allows for endless creativity and diverse interpretations. A long time favorite seemed like natural starting place for us when I began to look at what sort of projects we’d like to share with the world.

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2017 is looking to be an incredible year for Cannabis. With many states implementing some sort of Cannabis policy, and billions of dollars being flooded in to the market, “how are we going to differentiate ourselves” is a question on every cannabis company’s mind. With the federal government still criminalizing cannabis, many marketing channels available to other industries are simply unavailable for cannabis businesses. This creates an interesting problem when companies look to step forward in to this massive new market in hopes to take home their own little piece of the gold rush.

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Viscerah has been able to creatively pursue my vision in the way I articulate it and assist in developing a healthy social media presence. Evan and his dedicated team have worked alongside me in constructing overall brand awareness with fine detail and accountability.

Brian Chaplin, Founder - Medicine Box

Evan has an amazing ability to understand another's vision and at the same time layer in his own surprising interpretation using his own extremely versatile style. Evan relishes a challenge. Working with him feels easy, spontaneous and joyful. He is forever my 'go to' guy when it comes to all projects involving filmmaking.

Angelique Benicio, Visual Artist

Evan was the perfect addition to our Yoga Retreat. He joined in on all the activities to capture all footage requested and fit right in with all the yogis of all ages! His video creations were amazing!! Exceeded all expectation. Highly recommend Evan! I hope to find other projects for him so I can have another opportunity to work with him.

Tiana Duvachelle, Founder - Benicia Yoga House

It was really dope working with people who actually understand our culture. I felt like I was able to get genuine feedback from dudes who didn't need to be told what's cool.

Trever Maur, Director - Dog Dayz